Navigating the Impending E-Liquid Crisis: The Vital Role of VIBE in the Vape Industry

Introduction: The world of vape retail is facing an unprecedented challenge as regulatory changes threaten the abundance and diversity of the e-liquid supply chain. With mandatory manufacturer registration, product listings, ingredient disclosures, and looming Pre-Market Tobacco Applications (PMTAs), the very foundation of the vape industry is at risk. This article delves into the imminent issues, highlighting the critical role of the Vape Industry Business Exchange (VIBE) in ensuring the survival and sustainability of the industry. 1g Gelato 33 Cured Resin

Section 1: The Changing Dynamics of Juice Suppliers

Shifting Power Dynamics:

  1. Historical Perspective:
    • Belief in an unending variety of e-liquid options and a competitive market.
  2. Current Reality:
    • Shop owners hold significant power due to abundant choices and fierce competition among e-liquid brands.
  3. Impending Threat:
    • Regulatory changes, including undisclosed e-liquid manufacturing regulations, pose a severe risk to the existing power dynamics.

Section 2: The Looming Crisis

Potential Impact on Buying Power:

  1. Buying Power Erosion:
    • Manufacturers facing closure due to regulatory requirements can diminish the diversity of juice suppliers.
  2. Survival Challenge:
    • Lack of readiness among e-liquid companies to adapt to impending regulations may lead to closures and industry-wide juice scarcity. 1g Gelato 33 Cured Resin

Section 3: The Need for Certification

Ensuring Compliance and Sustainability:

  1. Transparency Challenge:
    • Many e-liquid brands claim readiness without tangible proof, putting the industry at risk.
  2. Certification Solution:
    • VIBE emerges as a potential solution, offering a reliable and trustworthy resource to vet, examine, and certify manufacturers on the path to FDA compliance.

Section 4: Introducing VIBE

A Beacon of Hope for the Vape Industry:

  1. VIBE’s Mission:
    • As the first industry trade group supporting vape businesses, VIBE aims to fill the gap in the industry’s collective business interests.
  2. Comprehensive Support:
    • Beyond advocacy, VIBE focuses on certification programs, industry best practices, stabilizing prices, and providing collective buying power.

Section 5: How VIBE Benefits Shop Owners

Empowering Retailers for Success:

  1. Group Buying Power:
    • Attain higher margins, overcome high MOQs, and access favorable rates on services like legal, insurance, and business consulting.
  2. Certified Suppliers:
    • Ensure products are sourced from suppliers certified on the path to FDA compliance.
  3. Professional Support:
    • Receive industry information, training, and support for small business success.

Section 6: How VIBE Benefits E-Liquid Brands

Nurturing Compliance and Collaboration:

  1. Marketplace Connection:
    • Connect with a marketplace of vape shop owners serious about aligning with compliant suppliers.
  2. VIBE-Qualified Recognition:
    • Showcase commitment to compliance, receiving additional assistance to meet regulatory requirements.
  3. Shared PMTA Expenses:
    • Collaborate with other juice brands to reduce PMTA development costs, ensuring affordability and industry-wide sustainability. 1g Gelato 33 Cured Resin

Section 7: How VIBE Benefits the Industry

Strengthening the Entire Supply Chain:

  1. Power in Numbers:
    • Help vape retailers maintain significant buying power even as the supply shrinks.
  2. Educational Support:
    • Assist retailers in making informed choices to avoid losses and regulatory penalties.
  3. Mitigating the Supply Crisis:
    • Support manufacturers to stay in business, reducing the impact of a potential e-liquid supply crisis.


As the vape industry faces an uncertain future, VIBE emerges as a beacon of hope, offering a collective platform to safeguard businesses, promote compliance, and navigate the complexities of impending regulations. By fostering collaboration and providing essential resources, VIBE aims to ensure the continued success and resilience of the entire vape ecosystem. Explore more about VIBE on their website to be a part of this crucial movement.