Mastering Age Verification: Safeguarding Your Vape Shop’s Future

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Introduction: Age verification stands as the bedrock of compliance for brick-and-mortar vape shops, and every owner, manager, and employee must prioritize educating sales representatives on impeccable age verification practices. Beyond the FDA’s guidelines, local regulations add another layer of complexity, making it crucial for vape shops to stay informed. This post acts as a comprehensive guide, offering insights into resources available for vape shops and outlining strategies to shield establishments from Civil Monetary Penalties imposed by State and Federal authorities. Friendly Vape Pen

Section 1: Resources for Effective Age Verification in Vape Shops

Navigating Compliance:

  1. State Vaping Laws & Tobacco Retailer Requirements:
    • Check specific state vaping laws and local requirements.
    • Consult local chambers of commerce for city-specific regulations.
  2. Age Verification Tools:
    • Options include Intellicheck, FDA Age Calculator, SCANNR, Bar & Club Stats, and Age Checker App from
    • Intellicheck is the only app that authenticates an ID, distinguishing it from others that merely verify the age encoded in the barcode. Friendly Vape Pen

Section 2: Age Restriction Signage

Communication is Key:

  1. “ID Required” Signage:
    • Mandatory per the FDA’s August 2016 deeming regulations.
    • Options include Naked 100 Free Info & Signage, We Card Signage For Tobacco Retailers (Paid), and FDA’s “This Is Our Watch” Signage.

Section 3: Training Programs for Staff

Empowering Your First Line of Defense:

  1. Vape Shop Certification:
    • Offered by VapeMentors, providing both age checking and sales training.
    • We Card Training for Tobacco Retailers is another paid option. Friendly Vape Pen

Section 4: Age Verification Tools for Online Sales

Strengthening E-commerce Controls:

  1. E-commerce Solutions:
    • Intellicheck Retail ID Online, Bluecheck, Verated, and
    • Ensuring robust online age verification to counter potential underage access.

Section 5: A Historical Perspective on Age Restrictions in Vape Shops

Timeline of Key Events:

  1. August 2016:
    • FDA’s Deeming Regulations enforce ID checks for customers under 27 and prohibit sales to those under 18.
    • Mandatory “ID required” warning signs in stores.
  2. September 2018:
    • FDA issues warning letters and fines against e-cigarette manufacturers and vape retailers for selling to minors.
  3. October 2018:
    • FDA acknowledges vape shops’ efficacy in checking IDs and signals potential restrictions on e-cigarette sales in convenience stores.
  4. November 2018:
    • FDA intensifies enforcement against e-cigarette sales to minors, pledging sustained efforts.

Section 6: Penalties for Selling to Minors

Facing Consequences:

  1. Civil Monetary Penalties:
    • FDA’s defined penalty schedule for retailers.
    • Possibility of a No-Tobacco-Sale Order (NTSO) for repeated violations within 36 months.

Section 7: The Sophistication of Fake IDs

Emerging Challenges:

  1. Rise of Sophisticated Fake IDs:
    • Easily accessible online, these fakes are virtually indistinguishable, even by law enforcement.
    • Increased anonymity and quality pose challenges for traditional ID checks.

Section 8: Age Checker Apps – Beyond the Basics

Unveiling the Limitations:

  1. Shortcomings of Barcode Scanners:
    • Apps like FDA Age Calculator, SCANNR, Bar & Club Stats, and verify age based on barcode data, lacking authentication capabilities.
    • Vulnerabilities to high-quality fake IDs encoded with legal age data. Friendly Vape Pen

Section 9: The Solution – Intellicheck Age ID

Elevating Verification:

  1. Intellicheck Age ID:
    • The only app capable of authenticating government-issued IDs, distinguishing real from fake.
    • Lab-tested authentication protocol ensures reliability.
    • Integrates seamlessly with modern POS systems.

Section 10: Special Offer for Vape Mentors Subscribers

Exclusive Benefit:

  1. Subscriber Perk:
    • Intellicheck offers Vape Mentors subscribers a $10 Visa gift card for new subscriptions.

Conclusion: In a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape, mastering age verification is indispensable for the sustained success of vape shops. This comprehensive guide equips vape shop owners with the knowledge and tools to fortify their establishments against potential legal ramifications. By embracing advanced solutions like Intellicheck Age ID and staying vigilant, vape shops can ensure compliance, protect their reputation, and provide a secure environment for adult customers.