Live resin is prized for its superior terpene content.

Compared to the process used to produce other kinds of concentrates, the extraction process used to produce live resin is gentler on plant material and is able to preserve more of marijuana’s flowery goodness.

Why are live resin carts so good?

Those who prioritize flavor, taste, and aroma over everything else will certainly prefer live resin carts. These oils are created using all parts of the cannabis plant and maintain its complete chemical makeup. They’re packed with terpenes and make a powerful mark on the palate. The THC content is high.

How long will a 1000 mg cart last?

A 1000 mg cartridge will last for approximately 300 seconds of total inhale time , which you can divide by the inhalation time to work out how many puffs it will last. For example, if you are a light inhaler and take 3-second puffs, you will get 100 puffs in total from the cartridge.

What cart brands get you the highest?

  • Top 5 Brands Of THC Cartridges Reviewed in 2023
    • Exhale Wellness: Overall Best THC Cartridge; Editor’s Pick.
    • Budpop: Most Effective Weed Cartridges With THC Oil.
    • Hollyweed CBD: Premium Vape Carts With Variety Of Flavor.
    • Diamond CBD: Recommended Marijuana Vape Pen To Buy Online.

    How many hits does a 1000mg cart last?

    A 500 mg vape cartridge will most likely last about 250-300 puffs, while a 1000 mg cartridge can last about 500-600 puffs .

    What does Indica do to you?

    – Insomnia Relief: Drifting off to peaceful sleep is a total breeze with the help of an Indica strain. Meditative relaxation, minor pain relief, and a boost of dopamine all combine to create an effective sleep aid that works better than melatonin strips and has way fewer side effects than prescription sleeping pills.

    What strain is Uzumaki?

    Uzumaki is an uplifting Sativa strain . We love this strain for daytime use, so the age-old Sativa is for daytime use is very true for this Big Chief strain.